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InfoPath Forms Services Performance on IE

Posted by Craig Porter on 15 June, 2009

Okay, this is my first of many new posts. I think I will start with a little rant about the InfoPath 2007 Forms Service. InfoPath in my opinion is a product that has the potential to be truely excellent but falls short of the mark in a number of areas. Forms Services rendered forms within IE are clunky and slow and could really benefit from some AJAX enablement.  Funnily enough on other browser platforms e.g. Chrome and Firefox form rendering is lightning fast so perhaps we can surmise that the issue is actually with IE. Even the newly released IE 8 doesnt resolve the issue although it does make the form speed bearable. As most businesses running Forms Server/MOSS will also be running IE as their browser of choice it would seem that we are stuck with the clunky performance in the meantime.  If you do encounter performance issues check out these invaluable posts to aide you …

Happy Forms Development 🙂


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