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More details on SharePoint 2010

Posted by Craig Porter on 16 July, 2009

Linc Williams has added a new post on some new features of SharePoint 2010 after attending a 2010 testdrive event for MS partners. As I’m sure everyone is desperate to know as much as possible about SharePoint 2010 I thought I’d re-iterate some of his findings here …

Collaborative Live editing of Text in Office Applications

I’m sure I’m not the only sharepoint consultant that has been asked a million times over about whether MOSS allows multiple people to edit the same document at the same time. The answer used to be NO but with SharePoint 2010 the answer is an emphatic YES!!! For me this is a real step forward as this now allows true collaboration on documents. This new feature works by locking sections of the document to a particular user and allowing them to sync there changes when complete. Very nice!

Content Controls and Tasks

Another feature that Linc highlights is the ability to create tasks associated with document content controls. This new feature allows an end user to assign a task linked to an area within the document (e.g. the introduction) to someone inside or outside the company. They receive the task and are required to complete the content section via the task. When the task is complete the content section they were assigned is merged back into the document. The tasks can also be associated to a workflow to control content approval. Very cool.

You can find more on Lincs post ..


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